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My Affordable Housing


Please read over these frequently asked questions to learn more about me, what I would expect from you as a tenant, and what you should expect from me as a landlord.


Who are you?
We are a local husband and wife team that just wants to make a difference in today's housing market. We're fair, honest, hard working people just like you. We invest much of our income into rental property so that we may be able to support our family and hopefully have some sort supplemental retirement years down the road.

Why the name My Affordable Housing?

Housing is something that we all must have, no matter if we buy or rent.  Since we must have it, we might as well make it as affordable as we can.  My wife and I first look for a location that we would be happy to live and raise our family.  Then we look for a home that we wouldn't mind living in.  We try to balance quality of living with cost and come up with a well balance solution for you and your family.  While everything else seems to be increasing in price, our commitment is to remain "affordable", not to be confused with "cheap" or "run down".

How much do you charge for rent?

We currently offer homes in the $650-$950 per month range with a security deposit equal to one months rent.  To help keep your rent at a reasonable rate we ask that you help out just a little by performing the lawn maintenance yourself.  If you donít want to perform the lawn service yourself then we can maintain the lawn for you for an additional $100 per month.

Will you "work with me" on the deposit?

Sorry, we don't do that!  We have found over the years that tenants that do not have their deposit and first months rent available before moving in, tend to be the ones that pay rent late, or not pay at all.  We don't enjoy going through the eviction process any more than the next person.  For this reason we will not allow a tenant to move in until all deposits and rent have been paid in full via cash, cashiers check, or money order


What are your minimum requirements?

1) Completed application from each person 18+ years of age

2) Good references and background check required (we use MySmartMove for background checks)

3) Proof of 6 months minimum current employment

4) Gross income of three (3) times the rent (for each applicant if a couple is not married)

5) Single family dwelling only.  Multi-family accommodation is rarely an exception.

6) Each adult attend a personal interview (usually performed at the time of showing the home)

7) The entire deposit and first month's rent in cash (occasionally the last months rent paid in advance if bad credit)


What type of restrictions do you impose?
Not many, after all, it has to be home to you.  However, as an effort to keep our units looking and smelling nice, all of our units are completely smoke free.  A waiver must be signed by each tenant to which you agree to pay up to $1,500 in damages if the home smells of cigarette smoke.  All of our homes are single family dwellings only.  This means that a maximum of two adults over the age of 18, and their dependant minor children.  Unmarried couples must individually apply and be individually approved.  Unauthorized guest living in the home will be evicted, along with the tenant(s).  We love pets, but unfortunately we can not accept the liability, and our insurance doesn't cover aggressive breeds, or cross breeds with any portion of an aggressive breed.  Because it's become such an issue, as of January 2015, we no longer allow pets of any kind (inside or outside). The rare exception may be a service animal, which would require verifiable doctor's orders indicating that requirement, a $1,000,000 insurance liability policy with My Affordable Housing and myself as a named insured, an additional pet deposit of $500, and an additional $50 per month pet rent.  If you want a portable storage building, or plant some flowers, or have a vegetable garden, it would normally be permitted (you'll need a written landlord permission).  We realize that these restrictions may turn away some applicants, and we are sorry for that, but hope you understand the need to keep our units nice for the next tenant.


Can I get on a waiting list?

Absolutely!  We would be more than happy to take an application and put your name on a waiting list for the next available unit. We always have several prospects so get your application in as soon as possible.  We make it easy for you, just click the "Online Application" link to fill out an application and submit it online right now.  Go ahead, it only takes a moment and cost you nothing!  If you are uncomfortable filling out certain information, that's fine, we can get that later, but it may delay approval of your application.

Application, what type of application?
We are looking for an applicant that we feel would take good care of our rental units, someone that we feel would treat it like it was their own.  We realize that things wear out and need to be repaired and we are more than willing to take care of those items.  We feel that there is no need in punching a wall, putting a hole in it or other destructive types of behavior.  In that case the tenant will be responsible to pay for the repairs and face immediate eviction.  There's NO exception to this rule.  Violent behavior is not accepted.

Do you perform background checks?
Absolutely!  We have a 3rd party company that performs thorough background checks on any prospective tenant who's 18+ years.  These background checks cost approximately $35 and is paid by the prospective tenant.  Prices are subject to change.  We don't set the prices, nor do we receive any portion of that fee.

How do I contact you?

You may email us at walley@myaffordablehousing.com or call 225-964-5551.  Please leave a message if I don't answer.  I'll call you back within a few hours.


Thank you for taking your time to see what we are all about and what we have to offer you and your family.  I promise that you will not find a better landlord anywhere.  Check back often for updates, maps and pictures of our rental properties.

Walley and Kerri Avara